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UK House Buyers Glossary - F

This page of our online a to z glossary is for UK house buyers terms beginning with the letter 'F'.


  • Fascia Board - a wide board which carries the gutter round the eaves of a building.
  • False Ceiling - a ceiling built with a gap between it and the floor above. A false ceiling is created to provide space for cables and pipes or to lower the height of the room.
  • Finial - a carved or moulded ornament on top of a pinnacle, gable or spire.
  • Fireback - the wall behind a fire.
  • Firring - these are strips of wood on the inside of a brick, stone, or concrete wall to give a level surface for adding boarding, etc.
  • Fixed rate mortgage - with a fixed rate mortgage the interest charged on a mortgage is a fixed amount over a set period (perhaps two years).
  • Flashing - metal which is placed at the joints between walls and the roof to prevent water entering through the gaps.
  • Floor Loading - the weight that the structure of a floor is capable of safely supporting.
  • Footings - courses of brickwork or masonry resting on the foundations. Footings are made wider than the walls in order to give greater strength.
  • Foundations - the lowest part of a building, that transmits the weight of a building to the ground on which it is built. Foundations are usually made of concrete and are made wide to spread the load over a greater area.
  • Framing - the timber or steel skeleton of a building.
  • Freehold - when a property is freehold it means that you have outright ownership of property and the land on which it stands.
  • Fresco - an artistic decoration made by an artist with water colour on fresh plaster.
  • Full structural survey - the most comprehensive, and therefore most expensive, survey available. A full structural survey will examine all aspects of a property.

Household Cleaning and Stain Removal Tips

Here is a selection of household cleaning and stain removal tips and information that you will find useful.

They are listed alphabetically to make it easier to find the information that you want. Click your mouse on one the letter shown below and you will be taken to the correct page for that letter.

Please be cautious when cleaning items or trying to remove stains. Before using a cleaner or stain remover always do a test on a small piece of fabric that won't be seen to check that it won't change the colour or damage the item.


Stain Removal

The golden rule of stain removal is to act quickly to remove the stain before it can dry. Stains which are easy to remove before they dry can become very difficult or even impossible to successfully remove when they have been allowed to dry.

Be Careful

You need to be careful when trying to remove stains or you may damage the item you are trying to remove the stain from. It is also possible that you could make the stain more obvious than it was before you started.

Stain removers need to be handled with extreme care. Always read and take note of any instructions or warnings on the label. The chemicals used in stain removers are often poisonous and highly flammable so make sure that you keep them safely away from children and pets. Always ensure there is adequate ventilation when using stain removers as they often give off dangerous fumes. Don't smoke when using them. Be careful not to mix stain removers - if you try one stain remover and it does not work make sure that you have thoroughly rinsed it away before trying a different stain remover. It is best to wear rubber gloves when touching any cleaning or stain removing products to avoid damaging your skin.

Here is a Randomly Selected Cleaning and Stain Removal Tip

Removing Mud Stains from Carpets

Allow time for the mud to completely dry and then vacuum it up. If some of the mud still remains, loosen it with a stiff brush and then vacuum it up.



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