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Welcome to House Tips.

If you are a home handyman you will find our directory of DIY tips and information really useful. It covers topics such as, bricks, concrete, nails, painting, plastering, plumbing and tools.

A to Z glossary for UK house buyers

For anyone thinking of buying a house or flat in the UK our A to Z glossary for UK house buyers will be helpful. It give a short and simple explanation of terms such as capped-rate mortgages, completion date, ground rent and tracker mortgages. This will help you understand some of the jargon used by estate agents.

UK Furniture Store

We have now added a UK furniture store where you can buy quality furniture at low prices.

Household Cleaning and Stain Removal Tips

To find out how to clean various household items and for suggestions on the best ways to remove stains from carpets, furniture and walls you should visit our new section 'Household Cleaning and Stain Removal Tips'.

Here is a Randomly Selected Cleaning and Stain Removal Tip

Removing Coffee and Tea stains from Plastic Cups

The stains on plastic cups due to coffee and tea make them look old and dirty. You can make them look like new again by removing the stains with baking soda.